Banana Splits on Friday, 5/25, at Lockaway Storage on Randolph

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Lockaway Storage Randolph Banana Splits 6/25

Do you like ice cream? Maybe even love it? How about a Banana Split?

If you have even an inkling of desire for the deliciously melty dessert, and happen to live in or near Schertz, Texas, then you’re in luck! Lockaway Storage near Randolph Air Force Base is hosting a Banana Split event in their office on May 25th from open to close!

Facility Manager Sedric Hatnot will be hosting the event and said that he enjoys showing appreciation for his self storage community. He wants everyone to feel like they’re at home when they come to the facility. By making the facility a welcoming place, Sedric sees the facility as a place that not only helps care for things, but for people.

“I also feel like by doing this we can also help people that come in and see that we do stuff for them as well. It’s not just renting units and things of that nature. There’s another side of it – we appreciate them for doing so.”

Banana Splits for Customer Appreciation
May 25th, 2018
Lockaway Storage on Randolph Road
9482 E FM 1518 N
Schertz, TX 78154
Customers of Lockaway Storage!
Because Lockaway Storage believes in showing appreciation.

Sedric went on to credit other lockaway team members for creating a culture that instills this customer centric focus. “I love how Henry and Don do things. Before they even talk about company stuff, they want to know how you’re doing. How the person is doing.”

“So I feel the same way. The customers are renting from us or things of that nature. I love to give back to them as well. It also helps, so that they’ll say ‘You know what? Man, at Lockaway Storage they really appreciate us renting and stuff. They did a Banana Split!’

“So of course that will draw other people in, and they’ll be like ‘Oh really?! Well what else do they do?’ and they’ll be like ‘They do the barbeque, they do the hotdog, they do the donut’

“Then they’re like ‘Wow!’ So that’s what I want to do. It also helps with the marketing. It brings people in like ‘Okay I’m going to rent, but they’re gonna feed me sometimes too? Wow!’ “

From barbeques to donut days, this facility is never in short supply. Maybe this is part of the reason why Sedric is able to describe community at Lockaway Storage Randolph as “Very Close”.

Of course the other part has to do with the facility’s customers.

Many of Sedric’s larger units are home to a variety of handy clientele,“They might work on cars, small businesses, welding, and they work on cars and stuff like that.”

One day as Sedric was making his usual rounds, he had a surprising request from one of these tenants.

“Of course i go out there and talk to them. And Make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to. But they told me just a while ago that they wanted to do a barbeque for the community.

“I don’t have that on the marketing but the tenants want to do that for everybody. And even myself. I guess they’re gonna get all the meat and the barbeque pit.”

Sedric said he will have to run the idea past the District Manager, but expressed how this gesture showed the character of his tenants. From sharing tools to sharing a lunch, the organic camaraderie of the tenants helps make the Lockaway Storage Randolph Facility a comfortable home for their customers belongings, and for the customers themselves.

Until then, why not stop by the office this Wednesday for some delicious banana splits? There will be chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream along with plenty of sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and of course, bananas. Like Sedric said, this is his way of showing the facility’s appreciation for its customers and others who may be interested in renting, so bring a friend!

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