Garage Sale Upcoming at Lockaway Storage North 281

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North 281 Garage Sale Full Color FB Post

We know that everyone loves to host and shop at garage sales this time of year, so we figured we would throw one at our facility! Come to Lockaway Storage at 27901 US 281, San Antonio TX 78260, this Saturday, March 24th, and shop the garage sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Anyone will be welcome to stroll down the rows of storage units and peruse units that have opened their doors to shoppers. Our tenants have a wide variety of interests and reasons for storing, so you never know what kinds of treasures you may find!

Facility Manager Geno Anderson explained why he thought the garage sale was important, “It’s an opportunity to show the community that has been renting from us for 10 years or 2 months, it doesn’t matter, that we appreciate them.”

“They can open their lockers and there will be a ton of people here to purchase. It’s gonna be a big day for people to have fun,” he said.

Geno is confident that the turn out will be sizeable considering the built in “Garage Sale Culture” the area has.

However, Geno also talked about what opening up the facility to the public, means for our tenants, “The gates are going to be open all day long, but their stuff is still going to be protected,” he said.

For added enjoyment we will be serving hot dogs, chips and soda for everyone! If you’re a tenant, consider rolling up your unit doors and participating in the Garage Sale.

If you’re a garage sale bargain hunter or feel like taking a self-guided tour of our facilities, we can’t wait to see you here!

Lockaway Storage on North 281
27901 US 281
San Antonio, TX 78260

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