Garage Sale Follow Up: Lockaway Storage on Evans Road

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This year’s annual Garage Sale at Lockaway Storage on Evans Road attracted a good crowd and even better sales! At Lockaway Storage, our Facility Managers work hard to put on community events like these to thank our customers and encourage new ones to consider storing with us.

Evans Road Facility Manager Ted Sedlak, who put on the garage sale event, said that there was a really good turn out, “I had a lot of people show up. I had more buyers than people selling, but I guess that was good for people who showed up to sell stuff. It was a big hit.

“I bought like 49 hot dogs, and I only had 6 left. So it was a really good turn out. I had listed it on Craigslist in the yard sale portion and I didn’t realize this, but there’s apps on your phone, like yard sales apps, that pulls all of Craigslists information, so it really helped me out.”

Between the assist from yard sales apps and the irresistible smell of hot dogs on the grill, Ted had a good crowd despite having fewer vendors this year, “I had to have at least 50 people come through. But it was a really good turn out in terms of people coming out to buy stuff.”

When you go to a garage sale you never know what  you might find. This year, Ted explained that the customers were selling common household items, “Basic yard sale stuff – they had a bunch of toys and clothes and dining room sets.”

Great deals, food, drinks, candy, and balloons for the kids make for a fantastic garage sale. However, we know that doing all this not only helps customers clean out their units. According to Ted it also helps our facilities communicate their appreciation to the customers, and promote their units to potential customers.

“The goal was really customer service appreciation. I wanted to make sure all my customers knew that they were appreciated, come out and eat, and a lot of them have the storage units where they are like ‘dang, I really wish I could get rid of some of this stuff,’ so the garage sale was kinda an opportunity for them to get rid of some unwanted items that they didn’t need.

“And it also really helped me with marketing because a lot of people that came through didn’t even realize there was a storage facility in the back there. A lot of people that were coming to buy stuff were really surprised and a lot of them said they are probably going to rent with me in the future”

Ted is always dishing out the good deals even when there’s not a garage sale, “I’m running a really awesome special where it’s 50% off every other month.” So if you’re in the market for a storage facility that goes above and beyond the call in customer service and appreciation, give Ted a call to learn more about his specials and how you can become a part of the Lockaway Storage community!

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