Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Joann Garcia

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Joann Garcia, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week. 

Joann Garcia Lockaway Storage Manager

Joann Garcia is a manager at Lockaway Storage – West Ave in San Antonio, TX.

Joann is a manager at Lockaway Storage – West Ave in San Antonio.

Peter: Congrats on your upcoming work anniversary with Lockaway Storage. It’s your first year, right? How did you find yourself getting involved with Lockaway?

Joann: Oh, yes. It is. I was actually already working here when Lockaway bought the facility. I’ve been at this property for three or four years before Lockaway.

Peter: Oh, so you are kind of a self storage pro.

Joann: Haha, yeah, but it’s much different with Lockaway than it was before. The property and owner were much different.

Peter: In what ways was it different?

Joann: In everything. Our monthly timeline. We have something set for reports. Before it was just me and the owner. Before I didn’t have anybody else to talk to. I was working here by myself, so it really was just me and the owner. We managed the property ourselves after my uncle passed away.  It was just me and him. There were no other locations. There were no reports to turn it. It was just me and him conversating.   

Peter: Do you like the way that it is now?

Joann: Oh, I love the way it is now. I do. I love that I have things to be turned in. It keeps me more focused on what I am doing. I love it now.

Peter: So you live in the San Antonio area?

Joann: I’ve lived here all my life.

Peter: Born and raised?

Joann: Yeah.

Lockaway Storage - West Ave in San Antonio

The front gate and office of Lockaway Storage – West Ave.

Peter: I’ve only been down there a few times. What’s something a local might know about that a visitor might not?

Joann: I don’t know. Me usually, I don’t, as they say, “do San Antonio”. I like more to barbecue with my family. Every weekend that’s what we are doing. We barbecue.  I have a big family. I may only have one sister, but I have 10 girl cousins, 1 boy cousin, and, like, 12 nieces. We all grew up like sisters and brothers, so we have a big family and that’s what we do. It’s normally just us going to a park or one of our houses and barbecuing. That’s what I do here. My uncle is coming up to his third year since he passed, so we’re going to get a pavilion and barbecue. We do one every year in June.

Peter: That’s great. Family is the most important thing.

Joann: For sure.

Peter: So do you have any favorite restaurants in San Antonio?

Joann: My favorite place, and I guess it’s because it’s right here, is Palapas. Palapas used to be on Blanco and Fresno, I believe. I was always over there. Now that I moved over to this side. There’s a Palapas right across the street on Blanco and I am always there. Every morning I go and get tacos.

Peter: I think you are the third person to tell me Palapas is the place to go.

Joann: Mmmhmmm. Other than that, there’s this place on Blanco and Fulton called The Blanco Cafe. Oh, they have the best enchiladas.

Peter: Haha, great. Who are you outside of work?

Joann: I spend all of my time with my family. Like, when I leave here, my aunt invites me over. If it’s not one cousin’s house, it’s’ another cousin’s house. We’re always together. I feel very blessed to have my family.

Peter: Having a big family, that’s so nice. You always have someone you can count on.

Joann: Yes, for sure.

Peter: So you’ve been working in self storage for about 4 years now. Do you have any stories?

Nachos at Palapas in San Antonio, TX

Nachos at Palapas in San Antonio, TX.

Joann: I don’t really have any stories. I know that I have an awesome relationship with all of my customers. I have plenty of customers who come in and talk. Even my assistant will say, “Who is that?” when someone walks up and I’d say, “Oh, that’s Mrs. [redacted]..Let her in.” and she’ll come in and she’ll talk. I have Mrs.[redacted] who likes to come in and talk about her husband. I have my customers who come in and I know them. Like Mrs. [redacted], she’ll come in and talk about her daughters . Oh my god. My daughter this and my daughter that, and I already know the stories, because I’ve heard them before. So yeah, I have a great relationship with most of my customers. Mr. [redacted] and his wife came in the other day after I had hurt my back and she asked if I needed a cane. The next day was my day off and  she called and she asked my assistant if I was ok. My customers care for me and I care for my customers. So I don’t have a specific story. I just look forward to when people come in and make payments, because I love seeing my customers.

Peter: I love hearing about the relationships people have with their customers. That’s great.

Joann: Yeah, it can be sad too. Like when I have a customer who has been renting here for so long and they say, “Oh, Joann, I’m finally going to move out.” and it’s sad, because you really do build a relationship with them.

Peter: Dang. Tugging on my heart strings this morning. Well, those were all my questions. At the end of these, I have been asking if there’s anyone that deserves a shout out. How about it, would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

Joann: I guess it would be my assistant, Justine. She helps me here a lot. Especially when I hurt my back. She cleaned and mopped and helped me out a lot. Sometimes when I forget things, she picks up my slack. It would be her for sure.

Peter: Good teammate.

Joann: For sure.

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