Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Chris Pruitt

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Chris Pruitt, who is celebrating his 3-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week. 

Chris is the manager at Lockaway Storage – FM 471.

Chris at Lockaway

Chris Pruitt is the manager of Lockaway Storage – FM 471 in San Antonio, TX.

Peter: So your work anniversary is coming up. Is it just one year?

Chris: Three years actually.

Peter: Whoa, three years is a long time in the self storage industry! How did you get started?

Chris: So, I was actually engaged at the time, and I needed a steadier job than what I had at the time. My fiance at the time was looking on Craigslist and found the ad. She recommended I try this out because it would be new and interesting. I sent in my resume and here I am now.

Peter: Three years later, you must like it pretty well?

Chris: Yes, everyone here is very nice and helpful. It has become like a family here, so I really enjoy that.

Peter: I’ve heard that from a lot of people in the company. Why does it feel like a family to you?

Chris: When you first start out, you get a call from Don Clauson welcoming you to the team. I know I personally got calls and emails from people I hadn’t even met yet welcoming me to the team and just thanking me and also people from Killeen and all over. That was just the start. If you ever need help or don’t know something. There are so many people who are just a phone call away who want to help you. We’re not just like this at work either. We can talk about sports and hang out outside of work. It’s not all work related and team members hang out after work hours. We also have baseball games that we all go to  or hockey games that we’re all invited to just to hang out and be a big family.

Peter: Man, I am jealous. That sounds like an incredibly fun and supportive environment to be in.

Chris: It is. It’s very supportive and fun.

Lockaway Storage FM 471 Office

The front office and sign at Lockaway Storage – FM 471.

Peter: Three years is a long time. You’ve probably seen quite a few things. Do you have any stories or moments from your time in self storage?

Chris: Oh, my goodness. There are so many. Everybody’s so different. My most memorable storage storage storage was when I first started out. Strat U hadn’t been put into effect yet. I went through the basic training and then went to the store I would be assistant managing and I met the manager there and we worked together for a couple days and then he went to Scotland for the next couple weeks, so that was a great learning experience for me, because I had to learn very quickly.and be on top of my game. He was in Scotland and I was working all alone. This facility had almost a thousand units to deal with. Of course, if I had any questions there was someone I could go to. I could reach out to fellow team members and they would be willing to help me out. It happened to be incredibly busy, so I was renting units left and right, taking people out two at a time to rent units.

Peter: Wow, they really threw you in the deep end quick there.

Chris: Haha, yes. Some people would have been overwhelmed, but I saw it as a good learning experience, an opportunity to learn more and become a better person, I guess.

Peter: That’s awesome. That’s great. Sounds like you really rose to the occasion! And three years later you’re still here.

Chris: True. They haven’t gotten rid of me yet.

Peter: You’re not always at the facility. Do you live in the area?

Chris: I actually live on site.

Peter: Oh, so you are always on site in a way.

Chris: Yes, in a way. I’m not restricted to being here 24/7, but it is nice living on site. Definitely has its perks. Added security for the tenants.

Peter: Oh, yeah. I’m sure the tenants appreciate it.

Chris: That’s true, yes.

Peter: So outside of work do you have any hobbies?

Chris: Yes,  so I am big on family. Most of my time is spent hanging out with my near 2-year-old and my wife just making memories. Aside from that, I enjoy going to Texas country concerts and watching the greats play like Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks. And I really enjoy sports, both playing and watching. That’s actually how I met my wife, playing co-ed softball in San Marcos.

Peter: That way you know you have mutual interests.

Lockaway Storage - FM 471 Parking

Parking is available at Lockaway Storage, and tenants take advantage of it for a variety of items.

Chris: Yeah, that’s true, yeah.

Peter: So you said you had a two year old. What’s your kiddo’s name?

Chris: Her name is Pearl.

Peter: Oh, that is a beautiful name. Congratulations. Being a father is such an important job.

Chris: It is. It is such a blessing.

Peter: Most important job in the world for sure. Are there any restaurants in the area you like?

Chris: That is a good question. I have not explored San Antonio as much as I would like. I’ve been here going on a year, so I haven’t explored down town as much. There is a place in Helotes called El Chaparral that is pretty tasty.

Peter: Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you want to talk about?

Chris: What I’ve learned or what has become more apparent to me is that everyone is different and has their own personal story and comes from different backgrounds. They come in with different attitudes and needs. We’re all different, but one of the things that connects us all is that we all want to be taken care of. When you take good care of others is when you build relationships with them and they become more than a name and a face. Once you’ve established that, work becomes so much more. It becomes more enjoyable when you get to really know a person and take good care of them.

Peter: Isn’t that what it’s all about, just being human and living life?

Chris: That’s very true, yes.

Peter: Right on, man.

Chris: Yeah, everybody wants to be treated nicely. Which is part of Stratitude: treating others as they want to be treated. Which is very important.

Peter: Great. Is there anyone in the company you’d like to give a shout out?

Chris: Sure. I guess I’d like to give a shout out to all the team members I’ve gotten to meet, those who trained me, even those who I haven’t met, so, I guess, everyone! And then a shout out to whoever’s reading this!

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