Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Eddie Carrasco!

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Eddie Carrasco, who is celebrating his 5-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week.

Eddie is the facility manager at Lockaway Storage – O’Connor.

Eddie Carrasco, facility manager at Lockaway Storage

Eddie Carrasco is the manager at Lockaway Storage on O’Connor Road, and a 5-year veteran of the storage industry.

Peter:  How did you get started with Lockaway in the first place?

Eddie: I was working for another storage property that got bought out by Lockaway originally, so that’s how I came aboard the team. That was back in 2012 and I’ve been here since.

Peter:  Wow, you started with another self storage company? You must have a lot of experiences. Do you have any stories or moments that stand out from the last five years?

Eddie: I noted something. It’s storage related. I was walking the property and I wasn’t really dealing with a customer, so one day I was managing the property out on De Zavala Road and I was at one of the office customer’s offices talking to them and he told me that the old San Antonio Spur Boris Diaw was going to be in town, because that was one of his students. He was leading a scuba diving company. While I was in there, I was chit chatting real quick and Boris Diaw walks in and I said, “Hey, Boris Diaw!” and he said, “Hello.” It was just after they had returned from a rodeo road trip. Out here in San Antonio, the rodeo road trip is when the Spurs go on a road trip while the rodeo is in San Antonio. When he was here, I was saying how he and Patty Mills were doing awesome on the rodeo road trip. We talked for like 15 minutes about basketball and it was just cool. You know, I’m on the property at work talking basketball with a Spur. It was a pretty cool day.

Lockaway Storage OConnor Gate Peter:  That is really cool.

Eddie: Yeah, that is one of my most positive stories.

Peter:  I’m a huge basketball fan, so that sounds pretty incredible to me. Getting to see Boris Diaw while you’re on the clock? That’s so cool.

Eddie: Yeah, yeah, it was pretty interesting. He was telling us about the schedule and the road trip. It was awesome. It was the year right before they won the championship back in 2013. It was the year that we lost to Miami.

Peter:  Oh, I remember that series.

Eddie: Yep.

Peter:  Heartbreaker, heartbreaker. I’d say that’s a pretty darn good self storage story right there. So, you’ve worked in storage for a long time and self storage is pretty unique in that it’s pretty personal. You’re basically guarding people’s stuff, basically, when you get down to it. Have you learned anything from working in self storage specifically that you wouldn’t have learned at another job?

Eddie: Oh, absolutely. Dealing with customers in this job, I’ve developed relationships with customers on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. There were a few locations that I worked with and I developed some long standing friendships. You know, working somewhere for so long, you develop personal relationships. I have people who regularly ask about my daughter and I ask them about how their kids are doing. It’s a really unique business where we’re developing a personal relationship with our customers while being expected to keep their things safe and I run a pretty tight ship here and I’m proud to say that. It’s a unique business to work for and you kind of have to jump in head first when you’re new to get into it, feel your way around it. You know? Late fees.Taking minimum payments from people. Things like that can be a problem for someone new, but once you get that stuff down, you’re pretty much accustomed to how things work.

Peter:  In your experience, did Lockaway do a good job setting you up to succeed in those ways. Either teaching you about stuff or providing you with the support that you needed?

Lockaway OConnor BuildingEddie: Absolutely, absolutely. When I was initially hired, It was kind of unique. I wasn’t hired straight through Lockaway, so I didn’t go through Lockaway training at the beginning. I was already trained by the prior storage company, but learning Lockaway’s ways, I got accustomed to it. Culture wise, I can say i really love the culture of this company, our generosity. I just wanted to bring up, because I have here noted, after Hurricane Harvey struck, I had a friend send me a screenshot of local San Antonio businesses offering free services to victims of the hurricane and on that were Santikos Theater, San Antonio Zoo, San Antonio Museum, and the only storage facility here in the area to offer anything was Lockaway Storage. So, he sends me this screenshot, it was probably just a little bit before Tristina sent out the email talking about the special we’re offering to Harvey victims, so I initially found out about this from my friend and it just made me free very proud that I work for a company that’s willing to extend a helping hand to people who are experiencing a dire crisis around this area. It just made me very proud to be a part of it.

Peter:  Dang, I did not know that. Wow, wow, that’s pretty big.

Eddie: Yeah, in the text he sends me, he sends me this screenshot and starts joking around asking for free storage. I’m joking with him back and I’m like, “Well, I don’t think you qualify for it.” Haha. When I initially found out about it, I was wowed right there, because that’s how I found out about it.

Peter:  I love that the leadership at Lockaway is proactive about things like that .You know, being a pillar of the community and that sort of thing?

Eddie: Mmmhmmm.

Peter:  Cool, well, that’s enough storage. I want to know about Eddie the man. You’re not always on the clock. Do you have any hobbies that you want people to know about?

Eddie: Yeah, I have a few notes and stuff. I’m kind of like a big kid at heart. I like video games. I like sports video games. My brother just got in town from the Army and he’s going to get shipped back out, but while he’s here, we’re just going to be playing NBA2K and Madden.

Peter:  Yeaaaaaaaah!

Lockaway OConnor OfficeEddie: So we’re pretty much like big kids. I love sports. I like horror movies. I love old school kung-fu movies.I’m a big stand-up comedy fan. I love Louie C.K., George Carlin, Dave Chappelle.

Peter:  Classic. Those are artists that I enjoy as well for sure. Did I hear you say earlier that you have a daughter, that you’re a family man?

Eddie: I am a family man, so I am the father of a 3-year-old girl. We love doing outdoor stuff. She loves the outdoors. We’re always taking trail walks, always trying to go out to the river when the weather is nice. It’s nice to take a walk in the river. She’s a very outdoorsey kid.

Peter:  I’m sure that having a 3-year-old daughter is a handful. I can only imagine.

Eddie: Oh, yeah! Absolutely. She keeps me very busy. I don’t have too much free time, so all of those video games and movies are kept to a minimum.

Peter:  Gotcha, gotcha. Either way, congrats on raising a daughter that’s the most important job.

Eddie: Hey, thanks, man.

Peter:  What are some of your favorite things to do in San Antonio?

Eddie: The obvious ones. I love going to Spurs games during basketball season, when things are going on around here like The Fiesta and other things like that. Around broadway street they always have a lot of things to do. It’s an older street. THe museum is located there and, of course, older restaurants.

Lockaway Storage OConnor FrontPeter:  Speaking of restaurants, what are some of your favorites in the area?

Eddie: Every Christmas, my family and I, my mom likes this place on Broadway, it’s an old Chinese restaurant called Hung Fong.  I guess I would consider that my favorite, just because of the scenery and what it means personally to us to go in there on Christmas.

Peter:  That’s just as good a reason as any. I think that was everything I had on my list. At the end of these, I like to go back and ask if there is anyone at Lockaway Storage that you think deserves a shout out. Is there anyone who’s helped you out during the last 5 years?

Eddie: Yeah, sure. I’ll shout out the obvious: Don and Tristina for keeping me as a manager and believing in me as a manager for the past five years. I’ll give a shout out to Thomas for being a personable and accommodating manager to work for. Shout out to every manager here in San Antonio who has offered a helping hand to anyone else.

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