Self Storage Auction This Saturday Benefiting The Texarkana Humane Society

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We love our pets! That’s why we’re proud to support the Texarkana Humane Society. If you would also like to support our four legged friends too, you can do so by attending our auction this weekend on Saturday, December 1st.

lockaway storage helps texarkana humane society

The Texarkana Humane Society will receive 100% of all proceeds generated from the auction of charity storage units.

The auction will begin at Lockaway Storage on King’s Highway at 10 a.m. and will move to each of our five area facilities. Each facility will auction both residential and commercial units along with those being donated to charity. All proceeds from the auction of charity units will go to the Texarkana Humane Society.

“The auction is going to start at 10 o’clock at the King’s Highway location and then it is going to work its way toward me at Pleasant Grove. They should get [to the last facility] around noonish, maybe one. It depends on how long each auction takes and the number of units they have,” Lockaway Storage Texarkana team member Christy Ornelas said.

The contents of each charity unit aren’t known to any of the bidders before the auction is finished. Past auctions have included:

  • Baby things
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Hunting gear
  • Beds
  • Tables and chairs
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Electronics including laptops and other devices

Lockaway Storage is proud to help the Texarkana Humane Society provide blankets, beds, food and much needed medical procedures like spaying and neutering for our furry friends. Thank you for the opportunity to help!

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