Lockaway Storage Helps Converse, TX Native Travel With America’s Team

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At Lockaway Storage, we believe in empowering the communities we serve. We also believe in empowering women and girls. That’s why when the team at Lockaway Storage heard about Judson High School’s own Michelle Thomas being selected for America’s Team, we knew we had to help get her to Spain.

America;s team converse texas lockaway storage

Michelle and Megan outside of Lockaway Storage – Converse.

America’s Team helps high school aged athletes learn about foreign countries, their culture, and their people. America’s Team partners with the American Council for International Studies and has taken students on the highest quality educational tours for more than 30 years. The America’s Team application process is very rigorous.

“We have a coach here locally in San Antonio who was putting together a team and they’ll go play in some tournaments internationally, so there will be teams from all over the world competing in Spain for softball and Michelle was picked up, because they were looking for a catcher and that’s her position. They have to be good students and involved in the community. They also have to have good attitudes and display good sportsmanship. We had the coach come and scout her, because someone had given that coach Michelle’s name. She obviously liked the way Michelle played, but she also liked her leadership abilities,” Michelle’s mother, Megan Stark, said. “It’s going to be a great opportunity for her to be able to play the sport she loves and meet people from all over the world that share her passion. We’re pretty excited.”

This will be Michelle’s first trip outside of the United States. Michelle and Megan have reached out to local Converse businesses for donations. If you would like to donate to Michelle’s team, please reach out to the team at Lockaway Storage – Converse.

america's team and lockaway storage

Thank you, Michelle, for letting Lockaway Storage help with your trip to Spain with America’s Team!

“She’s a military brat, so she has been all over the country, but we have never actually been outside the country, so she is really excited to have that opportunity,” Megan said. “Converse just has a really great community and we certainly appreciate you guys donating to her. It’s fantastic and helps us out so much.”

Thank you Megan and Michelle for letting Lockaway Storage help you get to Spain!

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