Lockaway Storage on Babcock Road Celebrates Easter With Tasty Treats

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Lockaway Storage Babcock Easter Decorations 2018
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Easter is a great time to get together with friends, family, and even your self storage community! We always encourage our various locations to celebrate holidays and events and Lockaway Storage on Babcock Road in San Antonio, TX did just that!

On March 30th and 31st, Lockaway Storage on Babcock Road celebrated Easter with goodie bags, referral cards, and a delicious spread of Easter candy and homemade coconut cupcakes!

We talked to Tammye Bridgeman, Professional Self Storage Manager and organizer of the Easter giveaways, who said that she likes to celebrate holidays like this to let customers know that they care, “The customers responded well, they were surprised and appreciative.”

Tammye mentioned that she was the one who made the coconut cupcakes that went over very well. “A couple people came in and got a cupcake, and then when their family member tasted their cupcake, they came in to get one too!” she said.

Tammye loves to bake and says that she wants to continue baking and having small customer appreciation events like this, “I’m thinking about doing this absolutely every month with baked goods,” she said.

So keep an eye out for more upcoming events and tasty desserts by Tammye! Thanks for all of your passion and dedication to your tenants at Lockaway Storage!

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