Lockaway Storage on O’Connor Road Holds an Easter Event

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OConnor Easter

Over the weekend, we celebrated Easter here at Lockaway Storage on O’Connor Road with some Easter egg candy, chocolate bunnies, and referral cards!

On Friday and Saturday, March 30th and 31st, Professional Storage Manager Eddie Carrasco helped inform new and experienced customers about moving companies and movers in the area, and encouraged all who came to the office to enjoy the tasty treats.

“When they came in their eyes lit up like ‘Ooo Candy!’,” he said.

While Eddie noted the usual influx of folks making payments, he also mentioned that a few youngsters came through their doors. Not only did they receive candy and chocolate, but fidget spinners too!

Easter is not the only time that Eddie gives out small toys to kids who come with their parents to his location. Eddie says that he hands out little presents on most other days, because one of his tenant (who is a toy vendor in San Antonio) often gives away extra toys.

“If they have things that are in pretty good shape, I’ll take them and give them to kids while they’re here waiting for their parents to fill out a lease and they’re all restless and stuff,” Eddie said.

Eddie pointed out that the parents were grateful for the distraction. We know it’s small gestures like this and celebrating holidays like Easter that help make our self storage community be that much closer.

Keep your eyes out for Lockaway Storage on O’Connor Road’s next holiday celebration, so you can grab a tasty treat, a referral card, and a small toy!

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