Lockaway Storage on West Avenue Customer Appreciation Event June 1st

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We are always looking for ways to show our renters that we appreciate their business. Without them, we’d all be out of work! This Friday on June 1st, customers will have a reason besides simply paying rent to come by the office as Lockaway Storage on West Avenue is holding a customer appreciation day that day as well.

We caught up with Joann Garcia, facility manager at West Avenue, to fill us in on the details about what to expect should you happen to come by.

“We’ll have donuts in the office,” said Joann. “This is my first customer appreciation event that involves food. We did the prize wheel last time. We’ve been emailing the tenants to let them know about the event and also about the food drive we’re doing as well, so we’re hoping to get some more donations that day.”

Joann will pick up plenty of donuts at the nearby H-E-B, so if you’re a fan of their donuts, all the more reason to come by! While a complimentary donut or two is certainly a nice perk, but there will also still be opportunities for renters to save some money as well.

“We also plan to pass out lots of referral cards too. We want to remind our tenants of the chance they have to save some money on their rentals by using these.”

We hope to see lots of people come out to West Avenue to enjoy the event and say a hello to Joann and the team.

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