Lockaway Storage – Nacogdoches Yard Sale Follow Up

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Last week, the team at Lockaway Storage – Nacogdoches hosted a yard sale for current renters. Almost 20 tenants opened their units and offered up items for sale. There was a wide variety of clothing and furniture that could be had at a great value.

“We had a lot of happy tenants,” said Aurora Rodriguez, Lockaway Storage Property Manager. “It gave the customers a chance to sell unwanted items. The traffic came and went, but I’d say we probably had about 80 people stop by.”

In addition to making some money and clearing out unwanted items, a number of renters even sold enough to downsize their unit and save money.

“The yard sale was a great success and I really feel as though our customers were very pleased that we offered something like that. A lot of them got some items sold and some of them were even able to transfer the size of their unit,” said Justin Standard, Lockaway Storage Property Manager.

This yearly event happens every September. Be sure to stop by next time for a great deal!

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