Nash Customer Appreciation Day Saturday June 2nd

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we try our best to find ways to show our appreciation to our customers, and the Nash location is not different. This Saturday, June 2nd, the team at Nash will host a customer appreciation day for customers or prospective customers to come by and enjoy.

We spoke with Christy Ornelas, facility manager at Nash, to fill us in on the details of the event.

“It’s going to start at 8AM and run until 10AM,” said Christy. “We will have snacks and refreshments available in the office for anyone that drops by.”

In addition to this, Nash will also hold a sale, which is a consistently popular event here at Lockaway.

“We’re doing a mini sidewalk sale,” said Christy. “We have a few tenants with a ton of stuff. That will last from 8AM until maybe noon depending on what happens with it.”

Giving tenants an opportunity to make some money by selling some stored items is a great way to not only help them, but also provide shoppers an opportunity to pick up something of use and check out the facility grounds at the same time. One tenant is planning on donating her earnings to a worthy cause, according to Christy.

“We have one lady who raises money for veterans to help them whatever they need, whether it be food, medicine, whatever is needed. She just wants to help do what she can to help them out in times of need.”

Whether you’re paying your rent, treasure hunting at the sidewalk sale, or just want to swing by for a snack and a beverage and say hello to Christy and the team at Nash, we encourage you to come out June 2nd and enjoy the event with us!

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