Rittiman Customer Appreciation Day June 1st

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At Lockaway Storage, our customers are very important to us. We’re always looking for ways we can show them our appreciation for their business. On June 1st, Lockaway Storage on Rittiman Road in San Antonio, Texas will be having its customer appreciation day. We spoke with Lyle Cooper, facility manager at Rittiman, about the event and what our tenants can expect.

“The plan for this one is snacks and goodies for the customers,” said Lyle. “We’ll have refreshments in the office and hand out referral cards.”

While it’s never a bad idea to show up early for an event where free food is involved, Lyle is confident there will be plenty of goodies to go around.

“We’re going to Costco for cookies, water, soda and even hot tea,” said Lyle. “People can feel free to take something with them too. They don’t have to eat their snacks here in the office if the don’t want to. We should have more than enough to go around.”

Incidentally, Lyle informed us that this event is also taking place one day prior to the final day of Rittiman’s food drive, which concludes on June 2nd.

“Our food drive runs all the way up until the 2nd, so I’m hoping we get some donations here on the 1st for that as well.” explained Lyle. “A lot of customers are coming in to pay their bill anyway, so this is a great day to have an event like this because there’s always a higher amount of foot traffic on the 1st of the month.”

We hope to see lots of people come out and and say hi to Lyle and the Rittiman team, grab a snack and maybe even contribute to the food drive with a donation!

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