Self Storage Milestone: Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Brittany Clark!

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio, TX team member Brittany Clark, who is celebrating her 2-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Brittany Clark is the manager at Lockaway Storage – Encino 281.

You can meet Brittany at Lockaway Storage on Encino Commons in San Antonio.

Colby: Brittany what anniversary are we celebrating?

Brittany: Year two!

Colby: Oh great! What would you say has been the biggest takeaway

Brittany:Probably the biggest takeaway would be knowing the market that you deal with, educating yourself on self storage, your competition, and demographics of people you have around, so you know you have a step ahead at being the most competitive business. Also, how to cater to your customers and how to be at the top ranking of customer service.

Colby: For sure. Going back two years, what is it about Lockaway that made you apply for the job?

Brittany: One of the things that stood out to me was the culture. It’s very warm, friendly. I’ve worked for other very large corporations where I never brushed shoulders with the CEO, let alone he gives me a warm and welcoming hug when I see him. He tells us not to call him Mr. Clauson, but to call him Don. I actually got here by association with Chevis. We worked at a previous job before and he came in and was just rockstar-ing the thing. Don come into town and said, “I’ve heard nothing but great things about you.” and asked if he knew anyone that had the same kind of work ethic that he could recommend and he did and that was all she wrote! He recommended me, Ashley reached out for a phone interview and I had a normal interview with Thomas. I left my company that Saturday and started working with Lockaway that following Monday.

Colby: Oh wow, very cool, very cool. Yeah, we just did one of these with Chevis a week or two ago.

“Working with Brittany is always a pleasure. We work really well together. We approach situations differently, so our attitudes compliment each other really well. She is very organized and she knows what she needs to do, how to do it and she gets it done.”

Chevis Daniels, Lockaway Storage Assistant Manager in San Antonio.

Colby: What would you say is your favorite restaurant near the facility?

Brittany:My favorite restaurant near my store, it’s not even anything fancy. It’s Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A They’re my go-to spots. They are quick and get it right every time. It’s easy and convenient for the short lunch break to go there and be able to get it and eat some before you open the store back up. There are a ton around here. Now personally, my favorite are probably BJ’s or 54th Street Grill. I can almost see the chick fil a sign from my store and the other is just right across the freeway.

Colby: So what do you do for fun, Brittany? What are some of your hobbies outside of the facility?

Brittany: Oh gosh, I’m such a super boring mom, haha! I love to read. I do have a couple of shows that come on and my sister always says, “No, you have to binge watch these and catch up!” and I say, “Well I don’t actually have to!” I play volleyball, I have been playing outdoor volleyball my entire time I’ve been living here. If I can get some games or seasons in I like to do that. I’m very family oriented, so a lot of time I’m spending time with my family and I have a 3-year-old son, Chase, who consumes all of my time and this year is his first season of soccer so I’m officially a soccer mom!

“She’s the type of person who takes initiative and that is very important to us. She moved from assistant to manager at one of our largest locations. It really hands-on manager to be successful at that location and she has done a great job.”

Thomas Nannen, Lockaway Storage District Manager

Colby: Oh wow, haha! Finally is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to for helping you along in your second year?

Brittany: Well, I always like to shoutout Chevis, I credit him with keeping my sanity in changing careers. He has been very helpful with having run his own store before. With how things worked out, he’s now my assistant. Andy is always a welcoming person. I was his assistant before getting promoted and getting my own store, which is something that happened in these two years. I was an assistant manager and now I am running my own store. It’s one of the three largest in the company. And Thomas, Thomas is amazing and I always joke with him saying I’m his 5th grown up kid. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it is to work for Thomas. He is the type of management and he cares about you as a person and then as an employee. It is so heartwarming and it makes you want to come to work and do your job that much more super awesome, because you know you have that great backing. I’m getting almost emotional! It’s been a rough ride for me as a person, as an individual, as a mom, and Thomas has always been there. He’s on top of stuff sometimes even before I even mention it to him. He’ll say, “Remember that thing? I already looked into it.” and I’ll say, “Oh, I was going to tell you about that!” It’s awesome to know that you have management that stands behind you, that stands behind you, that supports you, that pushes you to be great and takes care of you.

Colby: Absolutely!

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