Self Storage Milestone: Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Sedric Hatnot!

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Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with team member Sedric Hatnot, who is celebrating his 2-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Sedric Hatnot - Lockaway Storage Team

Sedric Hatnot is the facility manager at Lockaway Storage – Randolph in San Antonio.

Sedric is the Professional Storage Manager at Lockaway Storage near Randolph Air Force Base.

Colby: Get me up to speed here Sedric, how long have you worked here and what anniversary are you celebrating?

Sedric: Two years, we are coming up on my first two years.

Colby: Is self storage what you expected it to be?

Sedric: Yes, it was, because when I utilized the facility as a tenant I was going through somewhat of a tough time and I met Thomas and he really helped me out both with what I needed and also in a way to feel more comfortable with my situation. After that, I was like, “Well, this is something that I want to do.” So, I applied and came on and it very much is a customer service job. I found that this is what I want to do, and two years later still enjoying the company.

Colby: That’s pretty cool. You got a chance to see what the company was like as a client before becoming an employee. What advice would you give somebody if they were coming to Lockaway Storage and they had no storage experience whatsoever?

Sedric: I would tell them to talk to the other employees here. That’s what Thomas did for me. I saw the things that he did and the skills he had. I would also recommend even for a month or so renting a unit, so you know what you are getting involved in and what tenants would be looking for.

Colby: You’ve been on both sides of the desks, so I bet that must help. Sedric, tell me a little about yourself outside of storage. You mentioned you are a minister, what hobbies do you have and what keeps you busy when you aren’t at the facility?

Sedric: What keeps me busy is school. I am in school and I will graduate this year. I already have two degrees, and I am going to get my Christian Ministry degree. I am really excited and a lot of communities really need help. That’s why when I found out about storage I was like, “Wow, you are really helping people.” This is an excellent place to meet people who need help and assist them. My hobbies are studying and preaching and teaching, so there are some studies I do for God as well. I love my family and studying the word of God.

Colby: Where are you getting your business degree and your Christian ministry degrees?

Sedric: Wayland Baptist University. It’s an awesome school. There are a lot of military folks that go in and apply. I have been there four years.

“Sedric? Man, I love this guy. Not only is he motivated, he is always trying to bring his property above par. He’s always clean. He keeps the office clean. He keeps the grounds clean. You can tell he takes a lot of pride in the presentation, the curb appeal of the property. Most importantly, he is very, very coachable. That’s what I like about him. He’s not afraid to ask for help. He is not afraid to accept the coaching that I give him, anything that’s going to make him a better manager. He took a property that was in the low 50’s and 60’s in terms of occupancy and now it’s coming close to 90% now. The turnaround for him, was that he thought he was the worst store in terms of occupancy and revenue, but when I showed him where he was compared to the rest of the team, he was in the middle of the pack. He became motivated, because I think he realized that he wasn’t doing that bad. His momentum started kicking off right there.”

Henry Medrano, Self Storage District Manager

Colby: You are obviously a guy who likes to help people and give people advice and be there for them. Do you have any stories that really stand out of you being able to help out somebody in a meaningful way?

Sedric: There is a story about a homeless lady. She was having rough times. The thing is, Henry and Don, they care about you first. That’s one thing I love about those guys. They care about you and they are going to help you. I tried to cheer her and tell her things never last and things get better. I assured her she was in the right place. She said she was a daycare worker and took care of kids and before she left she said I really helped her. She said she really needed our help and things were turning around. It was just like I told her, things happen for a reason and it’s only a season. I am really proud of her and I am sure she is way better off now than when she first met me.

Colby: That’s a great story. Thank you for sharing. To change directions a bit, do you have a favorite restaurant near the facility?

Sedric: At lunch, there’s a place called Youz Guyz and they make sub sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks that are really good. We only get 30 minutes for lunch, so I can go there and grab a sandwich and fries real fast.

Colby: Youz Guyz, like how you speak in New Jersey?

Sedric: Yeah, that’s where they are from.

Colby: Gotcha, you mentioned that you do some preaching now, what church do you preach at or is there one you attend regularly?

Sedric: Yes, sir Living Faith Fellowship Church they have an awesome ministry. They do really good teaching when it comes to the word of God. I help out there now and it’s going awesome

Colby: Excellent. Last question. Is there anybody that you would like to give a shout out to that has helped you out in the years so far?

Sedric: I would say the community. Everybody as a whole is amazing, and I love that. You can come into Lockaway Storage and you can tell right away that the people that work here care about their business and people.

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