STRAT Prop! of the Week! 6/14/2018

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Amy Medrano
Lockaway Storage Goliad

“A huge STRAT Prop! to Dawn McGee of Lockaway Storage Goliad! Dawn had a ton of trouble with her gate and ended up having to call a vendor to fix it. She then grabbed her manual and continued to work on the gate and fixed it herself and was able to cancel the vendor. I am very impressed with Dawn’s commitment to her property!”  

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Peter Hall of Lockaway Storage Shaenfield who not only has been helping fix computer issues at several stores but successfully accessed and bypassed the lockscreen on the UNITS laptop computer. Peter is doing a great job and saving the company quite a bit of money as well! Thank you, Peter!”

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Lockaway Storage Nash Manager, Christi Ornelas, for a successful customer appreciation day. Christi had snacks, drinks, and hosted a mini sidewalk sale at her property on June 2nd. Great job Christi!”

Ann Westerman, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to both Bryan Robinson of Lockaway Storage W.W. White and Andrew Aue of Lockaway Storage Loop 410 who both offered to either pick up or drop off their teammates’ business cards. I really appreciate their can-do attitudes!!!!”

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“Thank you, Lockaway Storage Babcock and De Zavala’s Ashley Wagster, for helping me make our 2 day ‘Pasta Plates for Food Donations’ a success, the end of May…you will be missed & I wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life.”

Tammye Bridgeman, Lockaway Storage Babcock

Everyone can submit STRAT Props! and be in the running for The STRAT Prop! of the Week! Just e-mail your Props! to Please continue to send in examples of that good attitude, or STRATitude, that we share with our customers and each other.

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