STRAT Prop! of the Week! 6/5/2018

Categories: San Antonio, Texarkana, Texas

Brittany Holder
Lockaway Storage Wake Village

“STRAT Props to Brittany Holder, Manager of Lockaway Storage Wake Village for Accomplishing a huge WOW. Brittany had two buildings of units that had gone unused for several years. Brittany rented all the units she had, and with the help of the District Manager and the Assistant Manager, Jess Young, 17 units were made rentable again and placed into her inventory. (All in one day!) Now her facility ​has more income potential and a better opportunity to earn bonuses for the Managers! Thanks for all your hard work!”

Ann Westerman, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Michelle Jackson of Lockaway Storage Shaenfield for how she handled a customer complaint. Not only did Michelle handle the situation well, when I looked up the customer account to record my notes, I found that Michelle had documented the customers account very well. I appreciate her attention to detail.”

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to the Assistant Managers in Texarkana, Alyssa Lucas and Jess Young, for Treating Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated by helping shred boxes and boxes of old documents for the Pleasant Grove location. They helped me so much by allowing me to focus on my District Manager duties while they completed this task for me.”

Ann Westerman, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Damien Villarreal from Lockaway Storage De Zavala for grinding off a lock on a unit. We had a bit of a situation and lock removal was necessary to assess the situation better. Thank you for that teamwork!”

Tammye Bridgeman, Lockaway Storage Babcock

“STRAT Prop! to Don Dodge of Lockaway Storage Airport for sharing his disc locks with our team until our team’s locks arrive. Not only was he willing to let us borrow locks, Don was kind enough to drop off them off at our Goliad location. A great example of Treating Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated! Thanks, Don!”

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“Wanted to send a great big STRAT Prop! out to Eric Clark to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work during your time at Lockaway Storage Hwy 46 and congratulations! From tenant accolades to above and beyond customer service accomplishments to awesome organization projects – your positive attitude and willingness to help and learn made a big difference here. I wish you guys success and happiness at your new location.”

Phil Brown, Lockaway Storage Hwy 46

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