Strat PROP! of the Week 7/20/2018

Categories: San Antonio, Self Storage, Texas

Bryan Robinson

Lockaway Storage W.W. White

“STRAT Prop to Bryan Robinson of Lockaway Storage W.W. White and Jose Reveles of Lockaway Storage Military. They dealt with a very frustrating situation recently with dignity and grace and I appreciate them both so much! I am very impressed with the level of commitment they both have to their properties! They are such a pleasure to work with on a daily basis!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Andrew Aue of Lockaway Storage Loop 410. Andrew had quite a bit of break-ins and was able to put his Inspector Gadget hat on and figure out who broke into the units. He handled everything like a PRO and I appreciate his willingness to get the job done quickly and perfectly.”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

Everyone can submit STRAT Props! and be in the running for The STRAT Prop! of the Week! Just e-mail your Props! to Please continue to send in examples of that good attitude, or STRATitude, that we share with our customers and each other.

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