Strat PROP! of the Week – 7/27/18

Categories: San Antonio, Self Storage, Texarkana, Texas

Brittany Holder & Jess Young

Lockaway Storage Wake Village

“Huge STRAT Props! to Brittany Holder of Lockaway Storage Wake Village and our Assistant Manager Jess Young for Accomplishing a WOW! Jess knew of an elderly lady who was in dire need of an AC unit. Jess put out the word, and Brittany jumped into action contacting one of our auction buyers to see what he had. The buyer said he could pick one up and get it to the Wake Village location that very day. Jess was covering Wake Village and the AC was dropped off, and our sweet buyer did not charge a dime for the unit! Jess and her husband went over and installed the AC unit for the lady and she was sitting in cool air by nightfall. Way to Treat Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated! I am so proud of our team members and really appreciate all they do to make our community better!”

– Ann Westerman, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! go to Peter Hall of Lockaway Storage Shaenfield for finding another gate vendor. We love when we find good and reliable vendors and I am hopeful we can have another option when needed!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Austin Sanchez, of Lockaway Storage 3009 & FM 78, and Henry Medrano, fellow Lockaway Storage DM, who is working on a creative and FREE way to help us manage our keys for our properties. Because of Austin’s great idea and Henry’s relationship with UHaul, we will be able to save over $1,000.00 by receiving free lock boxes!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! To Jordan Ames of Lockaway Storage Bandera for taking the time to count every sign exit sign and fire extinguisher on his property the same day the request was made. This was time-consuming and tedious and I really appreciate Jordan’s sense of urgency!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“A huge STRAT Props! to Lockaway Storage Maintenance Team’s Danny Rios and Carlos Morales for the outstanding work they do. They go above and beyond to help when a work order is placed. They have been to the Nacogdoches facility a couple of times this month and I really appreciate all they do. They are truly a great asset to the company. Thank you for all your hard work guys!”

– Aurora Garcia, Lockaway Storage Nacogdoches

“A big STRAT Prop! to Michelle Jackson and Macie Duncan of Lockaway Storage Shaenfield for sanding and repainting the keypad poles on property. They look amazing now and gives the property a fresh updated look! What a huge difference!!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM

“STRAT Props! to Kali-Pariz Medrano, of Lockaway Storage 3009 & FM 78, for her salesmanship skills. A customer wanted to purchase a wardrobe box that was out of stock and Kali-Pariz convinced them to purchase several extra large boxes instead to avoid losing the sale! Great job Kali-Pariz!”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage DM


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